Rust Challenges


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Respawn Mega Scrap Recycler

Starting from a fresh spawn at dawn, you must only loot and recycle to get 1000 scrap before dusk.

Challenge adapted from Caused2 suggestions

The Oil Rig Heist!

You need to steal diesel from an oil rig during the night. You must be in STEALTH MODE.

Challenge suggestion by Caused2

Berry Hunt!

Forest dark and full of scaries, we search bushes for our berries, colours red white and blue, yellow green and black too.

Dusk to Dawn Supermarket Zombie Challenge!

You are tasked to protect any supermarket on the map from sunset to sunrise, surviving against the undead.

Challenge suggestion by Caused2

Campervan Challenge!

Build and drive a campervan car completely once around the island roadway.

  • You must always wear the sunglasses
  • No clothing must cover your chest except either:
  • You must not build or go inside any player base
  • You can add to but never take from your extended backpack
  • You can loot, craft whatever you want
  • Do not use any other transportation
  • TOURIST: option to photograph your campervan in front of every land monument