Zapustenia [TruePvE|AU|BNE]

Just PvE, no PvP. Be nice.

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How to find the server

Be patient, it can sometimes take a minute for your game to load the list of servers.

Server mods include:


Steam Check

You need to have a public profile to join the server. You need a couple games that you have played in your full Steam account.

Smooth restarter

Rust restarts 4:32am (+10UT/AEST) every day. The Rust server seems to slow down over time, but restarting fixes. Users will be warned 5 minutes prior to the scheduled restart with a count down from one minute prior to restart.

Recommended bindings:

Open your console (F1) and type following:
bind z duck;attack
bind p forward;sprint
bind equals forward;sprint
bind o

If you like to hide the HUD temporarily for pics:
bind k "graphics.hud 1"
bind l "graphics.hud 0"


Once you have performed the bindings above, the o key will open/close your extra backpack. The backpack is persistent. This means if you die, the contents of the backpack will respawn with you. When the server wipes, you get to keep everything in your backpack when you join Rust after the wipe! Contents in your extra backpack cannot be used for crafting, they have to first be moved to your main inventory.


Commands vary by level

As a user you will be assigned a level:
Default, Known, VIP, Admin


backpacks (4 rows) A persistent (keep on death/wipe) extra backpack!

/recycler Teleport to a random recycler.

/outpost Teleport to the outpost.

/burn Convert your inventory wood to charcoal.


backpacks (8 rows)

/remove Remove your walls, objects etc.

If you start your own farm and do everything right ... the plants won't mysteriously die after going through the ripe stage.

nteleportation (2 homes, 10 teleports/day)
/home add tpname Set a teleport location (your base).
/home tpname Teleport to a set location.
/home list List your set teleport locations.
/bandit Teleport to the bandit camp.
/outpost Teleport to the outpost.


backpacks (8 rows)

nteleportation (10 homes, 20 teleports/day)
/home add tpname Set a teleport location (your base).
/home tpname Teleport to a set location.
/home list List your set teleport locations.
/bandit Teleport to the bandit camp.
/outpost Teleport to the outpost.
/tpr playername Request player if OK to teleport next to them.
/tpa Accept request from another player to teleport to you.

/mymini /myheli /myattack Spawn a new heli.
/fmini /fheli /fattack Fetch the heli to your current location.


/location caused2 list Caused2 location.

/remove admin remove any entity.
/remove all remove building and stuff.
/remove structure remove building.

airdrop random can be in the water!
airdrop player caused2

Guarded Crate Event
/gcrate start

/own all <player_name> ownership of building and stuff set to player.
/prod who own dis.
/prod2 who own dis building.

BluePrint Manager
/bpreset caused2 Remove all of Caused2's blue prints.
/bpunlock <player_name> "item shortname" Unlock specified blueprint for player.
/bpunlockall <player_name> unlocks all blueprints for player.


Server blog

2023-02-12 fixed night zombie drops: body part + spooky item.
2023-02-12 update one week decay on horses, cars, copters, balloons, boats, submarines. Build a hitch & trough for your horses!
2023-02-11 Frankenstein tables and fireworks for sale at the heightfulness base!
2023-02-09 subdomain!
2023-01-24 Rust server upgraded to newer old laptop
i7-7700HQ, 16G RAM, 256G SSD, (PASSMARK 6960 / 2071)
2022-12-29 Rust server setup on old laptop
i7-6700HQ, 16G RAM, 256G SSD, (PASSMARK 6521 / 1913)
Note: multi-core performance for a Rust server is a waste as the Rust server only uses a single core ... unless you wanted to run multiple servers.

Double igniter with secondary delay

Features: * Radio transmitter to start fireworks. * Timer circuit to prevent an igniter going off until the timer runs out.

Created with Rustrician. Notes: RF Receiver provides power only for the duration of the button being held down on the RF Transmitter - cannot toggle a Switch but turns Switch on for duration of press. Memory Cell has toggle that allows/disables power flow on the toggle power, so RF Receiver out to Memory Cell toggle enables power flow, another press disables. Power from a single Electrical Branch cannot be used on Timer for both power-in and toggle-on for some reason. XOR Switch and Blocker seem to offer the same functionality except in circuits where either source might be the active power. Electrical Branch always "uses" power for the branch. Splitter will only supply a third of the power to each output.